Henrik Ipsen

2015 CV in Danish

Danish Actor in Theatre, Movies and Television since 1989.

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Foto: Mie Neel (2013)



. . . This world contains enough resources for everybodys need but not for everybodys greed . . .




Pim & Theo

European Tour


Pim and Theo will be a new devised theatre performance created across cultural and national boundaries based on the very deferent but oddly linked lives of Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortyne - two Dutch political / public figures with contrasting views and agendas who were both murdered in public by extremists. The lives and deaths of there two figures frame a debate that lies at heart of the European experience at the start of the 21st Century; are we one culture ar many cultures or multi-cultures? As we try to work that out, what are the limits of tolerance and what should the be?


Recent movies

- some are done - some are still in editing.


Screenshot Mnemonist (2013)

After Winter (DK)

leading role


To Live and Die (DK)

supporting role


Father (DK)

leading role


Mnemonist (UK)

supporting role